Oh’Yeah! Hot Sauce™ is made with a plethora of fragrant and flavorful spices, and all vegetables used are homegrown right in Kent’s backyard. There are ingredients added purely for health benefits such as turmeric and applied cider vinegar- which makes this amazing condiment stand out from any other. The heat is mild- as the chills are de-seeded by hand taking away a lot of the spice. SO while you are getting a blast of flavor to your tongue, you won’t be overwhelmed with heat, just the right amount; a slightly rich tang to add to anything you can imagine: fish, tacos, salads, veggies, you name it! “Oh’Yeah hot sauce is a unique item all its own, made with love and good intentions, starting out stewing over the stove of Kent’s kitchen. Once you try it, you won’t be reaching for anything else on the shelf!

Extra Hot Reserve

Oh’Yeah! Hot Sauce™ Extra Hot Reserve Coming Soon!